Where is the door?

Recently, I was on a Facebook Group site for doctoral students and graduates. There was a video that was shared (unfortunately I am unable to share it here) that talked about Bachelor's degrees opening doors but the new door was closed with the person trying to break it down.

I can say that I relate to that video at the post doctoral level. Despite having an advanced degree that few people attempt or complete, the struggle to find that open door is real for me. I can say that I do feel that I am lucky in some ways. I am in two support groups (one that is on Facebook and the other uses other means. We have supported each other through the dissertation process (and continue to do so for those that are not finished yet). We also support each other in finding what's next, whether that be a job, publications, presentations, or something else. I also have contacted through my doctoral program with some amazing professionals that were previously my dissertation chair, member, or a professor. We are now colleagues, which is an adjustment in itself to sink in.

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