What's next?

It is important to have dreams and aspirations to push yourself forward to your goal, even if it is a smaller goal, rather than the ultimate goal. Because of the research that I conducted in my dissertation, I would like to continue along that path. The tricky part is knowing what that path is.

I was conducting searches on organizations that were involved in telemedicine and this included some of the big research universities. In the case of the Research Triangle, that included Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. Having applied and hearing nothing back, I began networking, finding people who were employees of the places I wanted to work. Still, I had not found my "in" into the companies.

I am a member of a couple of different Facebook groups that are associated with NSU. I had posted about my difficulties in finding a job. One of the members replied that he had a co-worker who was doing postdoctoral research in CTE through a fellowship at NC State and that might be an option. I attended the information session through Zoom, contacted my NSU professors, and did my own research on the program and found that it would be the perfect platform to continue my telemedicine research.

While I am researching and applying to this fellowship, I am also looking at other opportunities, both remote and ones that can be in the Research Triangle. As a graduate of doctoral research, it is important to continue learning and looking at every angle from telemedicine research to permanent positions to contract positions that might launch the new career.

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