Update on Post-doctoral journey

This has been an incredibly hard year for me so far. And I go back to November-December. I graduated from my EdD back in August and had been looking for work. Still I hadn't had any leads when it came to jobs, even though I was doing everything I should be doing: networking (online and in-person), taking Linked-in Learning courses, going to conferences that I thought were a potential avenue, etc., You name it, I did it.

I started looking at starting my own business (still working on that). I was particularly interested in editing. I had met someone at a conference that worked for Dissertation by Design. I had interviewed with them and sent them samples of my work. Time went by and they told me that I didn't have enough APA experience to editing dissertations. Umm...how am I going to get experience, if you don't give me a chance? I was told that they wanted to hire for doing developmental editing. I said ok and checked back and finally no word...the client dropped out. At this point I was pretty frustrated. This is what led me to update my profile on Upwork. I was contacted for a position for a proofreader/copyeditor for "La-Z'Boy". Little did I know, that this was a scam and it was not La-Z Boy at all. My guard was down and I made a number of mistakes which led me to losing $2500 and filing a police report. I never got the money back. In addition, my bank, BB&T was going through a merger with SunTrust to become Truist. The worst part of this is that even after 8 years of banking with them, they did not protect me or communicate in a way that I deserved. Their treatment of me was worse than what I got from the scammers! I pulled out of BB&T and am now banking with another local bank.

After much beating myself, and doing a lot of meditation, I was finally feeling human again. However, shortly after the scamming incident the outbreak of Covid-19 happened. Being a very empathic person, I was highly sensitive to people's suffering. In the midst of this, the person I was involved in (not saying romantically, as it never got to that point, even after 6 months and 2 face to face meetings) ghosted me. He was not able to handle a crisis. Of course at first I was upset but then realized all the things I was ignoring and seeing how wrong he was for me. The Covid-19 crisis was incredibly difficult for me and I knew I needed a way to deal with the pain and suffering of others. I started meditating (which I actually began when I went through the scamming incident). I used the Calm app every morning. I used the daily calm meditation in addition to the gratitude series and I did feel a little peace as a result.

Prior to the scamming incident, a friend of mine introduced me to the 21 Abundance Challenge, a meditation challenge through Depok Chopra. I invited a friend of mine to do it with me and we have become so close as a result. In the upcoming posts I am going to post about my experiences through this journey.

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