The Job Search

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I began searching probably six months prior to completing my doctorate. After applying to jobs and not hearing back, I realized that something must be wrong with either me, my skills, or my strategy.

I started with updating my resume and cover letter. Because I was a NSU (Nova Southeastern University) student at the time, I had access to career services and they helped me get my resume or CV tip-top. I received one call back from Carilion Health Systems for an interview. The interview went well due to the mock interview that I had with the career counselor at NSU. However, I was denied a second round or a position because I did not have EPIC training (training for EHR (electronic health records) and could not get the training without sponsorship. I realize now that the position was most likely filled in-house.

I continued to apply for jobs with no response. I normally do not click on those Facebook ads that come up. But an for Korn Ferry Advance came up. After clicking on the link, I found out that they are a career coaching service and I thought what do I have to lose?

I subscribed for $49/mo and received a book from the owner called lose the resume, get the job. I learned that the old way of finding a job was no longer applicable. You had to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. So far I have had 2 coaching sessions where he asked me to categorize in terms of importance the following areas: industry, function, company culture, company size, salary, location and work-life balance.

Being that I live in a small town and am a caretaker for my father, I thought location would be most important. However, that has since changed through a deep personal investigation, I realize that not only are there few jobs but it does not offer the personal opportunities that it once had. A few of my friends kept on whispering in my ear about the research triangle. I began doing some research in that area and realized that it had both personal and professional opportunities. Of the personal is a chance to continue my arial lessons.

Of the professional, there were telemedicine organizations, as well as research universities, including UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and NC State.

The other thing that the career coach advised was creating a targeted list which I am still working on. Whether you are just sending out resumes, doing informational interviews, or going door to door, you need to set yourself apart. I am hoping that this blog can serve as a way for people to learn about me, my skills, and struggles.

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