So, tell me about yourself....

This a question that as candidates we often get from potential employers. It is one of the most difficult questions to answer, as for humans, we don't like to talk about ourselves. But in the job of job searching, it is an important aspect of the job. It is a chance for the employer to know who you are. I recently found this article on why a longer response is better than a short one:

So, here we go...Although I am shy to begin with, I am extremely loyal to the people around me and as worker. I have knowledge of telemedicine, having researched the barriers that impact speech language pathologists, as well as solutions. I am knowledgeable of research methods, especially qualitative, including having used a little used methodology in the Delphi method. I am very strong in language and editing skills. I am bi-lingual in Mandarin Chinese and English. I have taught middle school English in China, online, and one-on-one. I have also taught in academic settings in higher-ed for English Language Learners applying to four-year programs. Currently I am editing dissertations of doctoral students. I am also a mentor to those students to bring them to completion and approval.

In my personal life, I am active, having worked with my border collie puppy to train him. I have done Aerial silks for about two years and it is what inspires me to keep working towards my goals.

My knowledge of instructional design is limited to coursework and coursework projects. I understand that I need to work on different skills, such as video shooting, and various design elements. I am taking a number of courses through Linked-In learning to increase those skills and make me more marketable.

If you know me personally, please comment on how you see me. Shark sisters, you know me best. I want your input on how you see me, where my strengths lie and what I need to improve on.

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