Resume or CV?

For most of my life, I have used a resume only. I did not construct a CV until I was towards the end of my doctorate. I met with a career counselor at Nova. As I was unclear as to when to use a CV or which would be most relevant, I asked her. She suggested a CV because of the design element. Since then, I have met with the career coach at Korn Ferry. He suggested that I include a professional summary, which traditionally is not in a CV. I was still unclear as to which one to use. I spoke with one of my cohorts and she said that really, you need to have both, as a CV is better for higher-ed positions, while a resume is better when applying to corporate positions. I found this article that explains the differences, and when to use which ones: Because I am applying for both higher-ed and corporate positions, I have developed both formats. In the resume, it showcases more of my experience and skills, while the CV is more focused on research, presentations, and publications.

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