Day 7 - Abundance Challenge

Today is the one week benchmark. The task was to list a number of people who make you feel uncomfortable. I am not sure what the impact was the first time through. However, I do know who I focused ex-husband. Little did I know, I was still recovering from the impact of the divorce and that he was blocking me. This time, however, I had a larger list. Some of them just had quirky aspects such as unpleasant voice, or with an idea that I didn't agree with. I am not really a political person. However, with our current state of events and the action that the person in the white house is making is not something I can agree with when people are suffering and dying. As I focused on these unpleasantries in my meditation, instead of focusing on the negative aspects, what came up was how things can be viewed positively and what is possible as a result. It was a very refreshing point of view.The other meditation was being present in the moment. We can not change the past, but we can create positivity in the moment to create a future we want to live in.

Still working through Chapter two and I am astounded at how I am able to identify my limiting thoughts as well as others. Identifying these thoughts makes me realize that these thoughts do not have to have control over you. Since beginning to read Code to Joy, along with the meditation, I am more patient and opportunities are presenting themselves with little effort. So happy for this opportunity to grow both personally and professionally!

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