Day 6 - Abundance Challenge

Today the task was to write a prescribed intention on money. The first time I did this I am not sure what result I had. Although I do not have money flowing in at the moment, I know I am planting the seeds for that to happen. This includes taking the UX/UI Course. As it is a guaranteed job placement course I know I will have the funds once the job is there.

The first meditation was on caretaking through the calm app. As I am a caretaker for my 85 year old father with Lyme disease, it was important for me to hear. The lesson was to take care of yourself before taking on care for others. There was an analogy of flying in a plane and putting on your mask before those of others. If you can't take of yourself you will be useless to the one you are caring for.

The second meditation for the abundance challenge went very smoothly and it was a chance to show appreciation to this course. Actually it is the first in a long time that I have really enjoyed and can envision future success with.

Still on Chapter 2 in another limiting thought. Although not all of the limiting thoughts resonate with me, as my experiences are different, I can see the connections I have had with other people I have been in relationship with. Perhaps my limiting thought was what their limiting thought needed? It is a powerful thing to go through this in the midst of the Covid-19, meditation, reading Code to joy, and dealing with the other struggles of the world. I look forward to how it will unfold.

Happy Meditating

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