Day 5 - Abundance Challenge

I am so astounded at what the universe provides and what answers it gives. I used to say the universe...the universe is full of s--t! However, now I am seeing that it is all-knowing and what is being provided is what is needed. This morning, I started with my daily calm meditation. The meditation was about monkey-brain, where your brain switches from idea to idea to idea. This was perfect, as that was just what my brain was doing. Last night (and several prior times) my potential business partner stated that I was on the spectrum. Having a number of ideas does not make me ADHD, or on the spectrum. I am educated with so many idea of how to work in the world. I am a Gemini and an empath. I feel the world's pain (I only found this out recently as a result of Covid-19). It is because of these two things that I have an active brain. But that doesn't make me on the spectrum. I use meditation, research, and exercise to focus my tasks and brain. During the meditation, I realized what the focus of our relationship should be, and what it shouldn't be. The focus should be on what we create, not whether or not we have a mental disability. I am not someone that believes in labels, as I have seen they can be limiting and I for one do not want to limit the possibilities that the universe provides. Whether or not this relationship ends or flourishes depends on the focus of both parties.

The original task was to share the challenge with others by creating a group of your own. However, as I know that some are not comfortable with that, I suggested listing people that could benefit from this challenge. I also gave the instructions and option to follow the original task. During the meditation, I focused on those people that could benefit. Meditation is powerful.

I am currently still in Chapter 2 in the section "I am unlovable" and it was interesting as I was going through the meditation that people who I had been involved with before who needed validation that I loved and cared for them. It was clear that their past has dictated how they approach their relationships.

One of my favorite animals is the elephant. I love them because despite their size they are kind and gentle. They also are loyal, communicate, powerful, and are leaders. They are a vision of how to be. Let us go forth like elephants, support each other, and be amazing leaders.

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