Day 4 - Abundance Challenge

Today's task was to list people in my life that that are prosperous. I am not sure what I ended up doing the first time around but it was definitely more difficult, as I was thinking that prosperous was synergistic with finances. However, being prosperous and abundant does not necessarily have to do with finances. I listed people that I admire for what they have accomplished. This includes their spiritual, as well as in their relationships.

I am still working through Chapter 2 - there are a lot of components and is rather long. However, it is still having an impact on me. Things are coming to me in amazing ways. For example, I am in the process of starting my business. I had no idea what my mission was. It came to me as a result of looking at Glassdoor. I am actually not actively applying, but researching. A company that I had met at a Digital Health event came up and as I was reaching out to them, I realized that both tourism and healthcare were important and that UX was how I was going to reach them. Thank you universe for providing such amazing gifts.

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