Day 3 - Abundance Challenge

Today's task was to draw piles of money to pay off the debts that were listed in Day 2. I am not what you would call an artist. However, I have learned that art is very therapeutic. When I went through my divorce, I took a clay tile making class. When I was scammed, a friend of mine let me play on the potters wheel and made a cup and a plate (pictures to come). When I did the process of drawing money, it did not have the same effect. Yes, I went through the steps and drew them but there is something about realizing that is within you.... (which is being realized also through Code to Joy) that makes it more real, like the money that I was drawing was real. (In the tasks, they suggest using a paper notebook, which I did the first time. However, I am using One Note, as it works better for me as an organization tool).

I am still in Chapter 2 of Code to Joy and through the meditation (realizing that it is within me to create whatever I desire). Despite my memories and experience of feeling that I am worthy, that feeling is being released. I have not yet gotten to the steps for creating joy but, I can not express enough gratitude to my friend who suggested that I do the 21 Abundance Meditation Challenge again and lead it with our shark family (I am a proud graduate of Nova Southeastern University where the mascot is the shark). I am a shark! I also am expressing gratitude to my mom who handed me the book, Code to Joy. Without these two tools, I would not be going through this amazing transformation!

Currently I am not working. However, I have some upcoming ideas for projects that will provide me with an income to not only survive in the face of Covid-19, but to thrive! I am not yet sure exactly how they will be done but I know these tools are essential in creating, joy, happiness, love, wealth, and an abundance of resources!

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