Day 2 - Abundance Challenge

The task for this challenge was to list all of your debts. Although I did do this the first time around, it did not have the powerful effect it has on me now. It was more a limiting, as those debts were stopping me from achieving my dreams. However, this time around it became more freeing.

I am in Chapter 2 of Code to Joy This chapter is about the 7 limiting beliefs. My limiting belief is that I am worthless. A memory came up from when I was in high school when I was taking geometry. The teacher accused me of cheating because I didn't show my work. A flood of other memories when I failed came up. However, now that I recognize this limiting belief, I can do something about it. I look forward to learning the steps to becoming more joyful.

Meditation has brought these memories to light and has made it more powerful. I know I don't need to be subjected to these limiting beliefs. I don't need to become these beliefs. I can rise above them. Happy Meditating!

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