Day 10 - Abundance Challenge

Today was a pretty interesting day, What I read in Code to Joy, meditated on in Calm, and the meditation in the meditation challenge centered on the same theme...consciousness. So, what does it mean to be fully awake, fully conscious. What I am referring to is conscious and subconscious.

In calm, they talk about quieting the mind, you begin to see the whole picture.

In the meditation challenge, the task was to take two shortcomings and come up with a plan of action. As I alluded to in the post on Day 9, I had difficulty coming up with a plan. However, quieting my mind, allowed me to see the big picture. I have some very big aspirations and projects and I can not not achieve these without coming up with a plan. Part of that is speaking about my plan, my shortcomings that could result in some powerful results.

One area that I feel I am lacking is in my technical skills. However, I making steps to increase my skills. What better time to work on skills than during a pandemic when I am quarantined at home! So, I am learning UX/UI. There is a lot to learn about but I absolutely love is like I was built for it!

Happy Meditating!

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