Day 1 - Abundance Challenge

As I had mentioned earlier, I had conducted this challenge. However, in the first day, I am seeing a drastic difference in my experience. In the first day, the task was to list 5o names of people who were influential. My original list included family members, professors, friends, but also included my ex-husband and the one I was recently involved with. When I originally made this list I felt they too were influential (but were also blocking me from being creative and being all that I can be).

In addition to meditating and doing the daily tasks, I have been working through the Code to Joy, by George Pratt and Peter Lambrou. I am only through the first chapter. In that first chapter, they ask you to come up with events from your childhood. This did not come naturally. However, as a result of meditating a number of events came up: some of head injuries, some of times when my culture (of being part Chinese ) was attacked, some of being criticized and failing. This part came up in the Calm app meditation. When I did Day 1 of the Abundance Challenge (for the second time), I realized the connection between my past and what was happening now. And I realize that my ex and this other person no longer were blocking me. I have an awareness that has been hidden for a long time, prior to my marriage and am now becoming the person I was prior to getting married, only improved. I can't wait to learn what will happen in Day 2 and in Chapter 2!

Happy meditating!

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