Covid-19 Telehealth Education

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I wrote my dissertation on the Utilization of Telepractice with Speech language pathologists. And one area that I have wanted to expand on is the concept of Telehealth Education. Last fall, I considered and worked towards a postdoc fellowship on that area for Community colleges. Unfortunately, due to other circumstances it did not happen.

I am continuing this area in the form of my first Capstone for my my UX/UI bootcamp. UX explores the users needs and experiences to create an experience that best helps those users. In light of Covid-19, Telehealth has been at the forefront, especially for nurses on the front lines. Education of Telehealth, although important seems to still be lacking, in spite of the surge of activity. In my Capstone, I am exploring the experiences of nurses and nurse educators on Telehealth Education and Covid-19. I am recruiting for nurses and nurse educators to complete this survey and be available for a 45 minute post-survey follow-up interview through Zoom. If you are not a nurse educator or nurse but know someone that is, please refer them to this post.

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