Chat icons in Sketch

Back in March when I first started with Sketch, I had to go through lots of tutorials. One of the tasks was to create a chat icon. I really struggled with it...and I think also cried about it. No matter how many YouTube videos, tutorials, or articles I read, I couldn't get it. Well, until now...

I just finished my wireframes for my first capstone. I thought they were fine but my mentor suggested that I needed to add more, as there was too much pixel space. I really didn't want to do them over again...but I have a friend who inspires me without even trying that makes me work hard to do my best work. So, I attempted the wireframes again and saw areas that needed more content. One of the things that I added was the chat icon. When I started with Sketch, I didn't realize that it was basically a circle and a triangle joined together. I didn't review the tutorial this time. A few units ago, I completed a sketch (as in a sketchpad) unit. I have always struggled with drawing. All of the excuses about not being an artist...I have used them all. And what was hard for me was that my older brother was the one I loved to hate (not literally) because he was super talented with natural talent, never had to work hard at academics and was athletic. All these things came hard for me...and I have had to work hard to achieve them. The unit about sketching was helpful in realizing and seeing that most is basic shapes. This time when I attempted the chat icon, I Googled chat icons so I can see the images. I saw how clear it was that it was a circle and a triangle joined together. This was a successful day. And here is my chat icon...maybe not perfect, but I am proud of it:

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