Being in the spiral

What does this mean? I am currently working through the book that Korn Ferry Advance sent me when I signed up for career coaching. The book, Lose the job, land the resume has been very helpful as I go through this process. The current section I am working on is about the job-search spiral...about switching away from the industry or position you have become accustomed to.

In this section of the text it talked about how being in the center is close to your own experience. The further out you are from the center, the harder the transition is. Although it is not impossible to make this transition, it is challenging. My experience has been mostly in teaching ESL. For me, I will be moving from higher-ed academic ESL to more of a design role in instructional design. I know that it will be challenging to make this transition and know that although I have conducted some instructional design projects, I need to work on these skills to make me more marketable to get the attention of potential employers.

I am curious, are you making a bold transition away from your center of the spiral? And if you are what are you doing to make this transition?

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