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This was the theme of today's Calm meditation. It is realization that we do not need to compare ourselves to other people's pain or joy. We are who we are. I have been listening to Brene Brown's podcast, Unlocking us. She has an episode on comparative suffering. She says that empathy is the antidote to shame. She says that ranking these suffering can be dangerous as it can cause lack of empathy. It is important now to be empathetic and make the changes that can make a difference. I know that I have within me the poser to do whatever I decide to do.

Today's meditation challenge was to find receipts and to write a mantra on it that the money would come back to us. I went through the motions the first time around but did not really think about this. There is power and thought and know that by doing this I am planting the seeds to prosperity, growth, and abundance financially, professionally and personally.

In code to joy, have completed chapter two and the limiting thoughts. It is interesting how although you identify with a thought, you do not recognize how you have been until you go through the process of meditation, identification, and discovery. Yesterday, my mother told me that she loved me but also wished that I had someone significant, a romantic partner. I told her that right now is not the right time (not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic) but because I am just now learning who I am. In several of my past relationships, I was expected to be a "mother-figure". I never had children through my failed marriage, other than my ex-husband. I am a dog-mom and can not be a mother to a friend, romantic relationship, or to a business partner. When and if I start a romantic relationship, it will be on my terms, not anyone else's. It will be an equal partnership that is based off of love and respect. I am a strong, independent woman. I am shark (no mistake that my alma mater's mascot is the shark). I am fierce and I can do anything I put my mind to.

Happy meditating!

  • Cybele Wu, EDD

Today is the one week benchmark. The task was to list a number of people who make you feel uncomfortable. I am not sure what the impact was the first time through. However, I do know who I focused on...my ex-husband. Little did I know, I was still recovering from the impact of the divorce and that he was blocking me. This time, however, I had a larger list. Some of them just had quirky aspects such as unpleasant voice, or with an idea that I didn't agree with. I am not really a political person. However, with our current state of events and the action that the person in the white house is making is not something I can agree with when people are suffering and dying. As I focused on these unpleasantries in my meditation, instead of focusing on the negative aspects, what came up was how things can be viewed positively and what is possible as a result. It was a very refreshing point of view.The other meditation was being present in the moment. We can not change the past, but we can create positivity in the moment to create a future we want to live in.

Still working through Chapter two and I am astounded at how I am able to identify my limiting thoughts as well as others. Identifying these thoughts makes me realize that these thoughts do not have to have control over you. Since beginning to read Code to Joy, along with the meditation, I am more patient and opportunities are presenting themselves with little effort. So happy for this opportunity to grow both personally and professionally!

  • Cybele Wu, EDD

Today the task was to write a prescribed intention on money. The first time I did this I am not sure what result I had. Although I do not have money flowing in at the moment, I know I am planting the seeds for that to happen. This includes taking the UX/UI Course. As it is a guaranteed job placement course I know I will have the funds once the job is there.

The first meditation was on caretaking through the calm app. As I am a caretaker for my 85 year old father with Lyme disease, it was important for me to hear. The lesson was to take care of yourself before taking on care for others. There was an analogy of flying in a plane and putting on your mask before those of others. If you can't take of yourself you will be useless to the one you are caring for.

The second meditation for the abundance challenge went very smoothly and it was a chance to show appreciation to this course. Actually it is the first in a long time that I have really enjoyed and can envision future success with.

Still on Chapter 2 in another limiting thought. Although not all of the limiting thoughts resonate with me, as my experiences are different, I can see the connections I have had with other people I have been in relationship with. Perhaps my limiting thought was what their limiting thought needed? It is a powerful thing to go through this in the midst of the Covid-19, meditation, reading Code to joy, and dealing with the other struggles of the world. I look forward to how it will unfold.

Happy Meditating

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