• Cybele Wu, EDD

Updated: Sep 11

I started the UX/UI bootcamp in March. The first thing that they had us do was choose a tool to use for designs. I chose Sketch because it had the biggest learning tool and because it was the most recognized in the industry. I figured that if I can master Sketch, I can handle any other design tool. For the first 3 months or so, I struggled with learning it. I took the Linked-In learning courses, watched a dozen YouTube videos, read blog posts, joined Facebook and Linked-In groups on Sketch but still struggled. Part of the issue is that the assignment was to fix bad design. We were given assignments on color, balance, contrast, etc., I wasn't sure of the basic commands and just clicked everywhere and hoped that I was getting somewhere. After more YouTube searching and blog searching, as well as my mentor instructing me, I finally learned that the shift, command, control, and option keys were important in selecting and copying. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere, even though I was still struggling.

It has been 5 months since I started the bootcamp and now am working on wireframing. I used sketch for my personas too. I have learned that using Sketch on a project of my own (and not just an assignment to learn a skill), has helped advance my Sketch skills. I realize that I actually enjoy wireframing...mostly because I am becoming more comfortable with Sketch.

I know I also need to understand Sketch plugins. I have downloaded a few but have no idea of how they are used. There is also the problem of organization which also goes hand in hand with learning plugins. I am looking for some good resources for learning how these plugins work and best ways to organize the elements in Sketch.

  • Cybele Wu, EDD

Updated: Aug 30

Prior to starting my UX/UI bootcamp and working on my Capstone, I was not aware that I had a bias. I wanted to focus on Telehealth education, as it was central to my dissertation in my doctorate. It was explained to me that I needed to focus on where the money was coming from. So, I did and it became clear that the focus was no longer on nurses but on caregivers. I really didn't want to let go of the education part, as it was like I was losing a baby. I have never had a baby but I assume it would feel like that...I worked so hard on it and it was so hard to let go. However, I also know that it is necessary for me to move forward and to do an amazing job.

Sometimes we don't realize we have a bias until it is pointed out to you. Caregiving is also a big part of my life. I have been a caregiver of my father for over 8 years. I am sure there are parts of it that I have a bias about too. However, I am focusing on a different area than I have experienced. My capstone will still stay in the telehealth area but it will be more about supporting caregivers.

  • Cybele Wu, EDD

Updated: Aug 30

I wrote my dissertation on the Utilization of Telepractice with Speech language pathologists. And one area that I have wanted to expand on is the concept of Telehealth Education. Last fall, I considered and worked towards a postdoc fellowship on that area for Community colleges. Unfortunately, due to other circumstances it did not happen.

I am continuing this area in the form of my first Capstone for my my UX/UI bootcamp. UX explores the users needs and experiences to create an experience that best helps those users. In light of Covid-19, Telehealth has been at the forefront, especially for nurses on the front lines. Education of Telehealth, although important seems to still be lacking, in spite of the surge of activity. In my Capstone, I am exploring the experiences of nurses and nurse educators on Telehealth Education and Covid-19. I am recruiting for nurses and nurse educators to complete this survey and be available for a 45 minute post-survey follow-up interview through Zoom. If you are not a nurse educator or nurse but know someone that is, please refer them to this post.

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